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News and Updates

Stanford Drupal Camp 2015 has ended. A hearty "thank you" to all of our sponsors, volunteers, presenters, and attendees!

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Welcome to Stanford DrupalCamp

About Stanford Drupal Camp

The Stanford Drupal Camp is a two-day event to discuss and learn about Drupal, an open-source content management system that powers thousands of websites at Stanford, and millions of websites beyond.

In its sixth year, the Stanford Drupal Camp emphasizes introductory sessions for beginners, as well as use cases of Drupal in higher education. Those new to Drupal will be particularly interested in the events on Friday, whereas experienced Drupallers (yes, we spell it with two "L"s at Stanford) may be more interested in Saturday's program.

Why Attend?

There are many reasons to attend Stanford Drupal Camp, but in particular, we try to tailor our camp to both an on- and off- campus community. We will have specific tracks and sessions geared to Stanford community members who are working with Drupal or just needing to learn more about Drupal. We will also have a lot of sessions for those new to Drupal, and advanced sessions as well. We will also be sharing some specific case studies about what Stanford is doing with Drupal.

So, to summarize, here are some reasons to attend:

  1. To learn more about Drupal
  2. It's free!
  3. Stanford is doing a lot with Drupal
  4. Your organization may have (or plan to have a Drupal site)
  5. ...What is this thing called Drew-Paul?

And here are some people who should consider attending:

  • Stanford staff/faculty/students who need to learn Drupal or are working with a Drupal site
  • Stanford Drupallers community (developers, themers, site builders, site admins)
  • The larger Drupal-interested community

Ways to Participate

Register, show up, and join the conversation.

If you are enthusiastic and want to help out with Drupal Camp, consider volunteering at the event – you'll get a free t-shirt! To become a volunteer, please contact